Acabei de ler este artigo na Fast Company e compartilho aqui os highlights.

O autor defende a ideia de que os empreendedores devem ter um designer como sócio ;) e que designers deveriam apostar mais nas suas competências e empreender mais.

Premissa:  If you don’t have a designer in your founding group, it’s harder to have a culture of design. You see the reasons why all the time: A consultant comes in to improve a design and when they leave, the transformation eventually dies.

What’s Driving the Movement

Here’s why design is important to the tech world today:

1. As the consumer tech market becomes more crowded, brands and experience design–not just technical capabilities–are becoming critical to success.

2. Innovation is about radical collaboration. The critical mass of combined design, technical, and business skills enables product iteration to happen faster and at a higher resolution.

3. Designer founders have unique skills (not just visual) to understand human needs and discover unarticulated opportunities.

Em breve será lançado um livro para inspirar designers a serem empreendedores ;)

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