Tom Kelley para Denise
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Dear Denise,

Wow, you are fast.  I just returned to the Silicon Valley in the past 24 hours, and haven’t even been to work yet,  But I see that you have already captured our ideas from lunch and blogged about Thursday’s event at the Caesar Business hotel.  Your quick work says good things about the pace of new learning at Fiat!�

I hope our paths will cross again sometime soon, either in BH or the Silicon Valley.   And thanks for sharing the translations and interpretations.  I am sure Tim Brown will be intrigued to see his mind map converted into Brazilian Portuguese.

All the best to you and your team,

Tom Kelley

P.S. In spite of the cool weather  at the Vanessa de Oliveira Spa after my talk, the party continued for a few more hours, and everyone either clustered around the heaters or found a way to ignore the temperature.