Gostei muito des depoimento. Enviem para RH People ;)

One of the reasons I like to blog about small businesses and design is
because they can react quickly. So if I can spark an idea, they can
run with it, and make a change and try it out. But I felt compelled
to touch on why human resources needs design.

I have been working in HR and IT for about 12 years, and I’m currently
a HR/HRIS Director, so I’ve seen quite a bit. I’ve walked the line
between the functional and technical folks, I’ve been on both sides,
and they tend to think very differently. Sadly, what’s missing though
in most organizations is a design element.

When HR and IT work well together things get done, but the focus tends
to be on efficiency and process, and don’t get me wrong, I love them
both. The part that is often overlooked is that HR is like sales,
they are selling applicants on the organization. They are also
providing various services to internal customers, but again, the focus
tends to be on process and speed.

One of the ways design thinking could help would be to focus on the
the customer experience, and I mean all of the customers. HR needs a
huge dose of empathy, for all of their customers. HR needs to
evaluate themselves not just on the number of transactions, but also
on how they make their customers feel. I’m not talking about surveys,
I’m talking about putting yourself in the shoes of the customer,
observing your customers, and then designing your processes to best
serve them.

HR departments tend to be siloed into functional areas such as
benefits, compensation, employment, and so on. A better way to be
structured is by customer type. HR deals with applicants, new hires,
employees, managers, executives, retirees, and others. These
customers don’t care about silos, they want a helpful, seamless